A Few Options To Consider When Buying A Home Security System

There are many different ways you can keep your family and home secure. You may have installed deadbolt locks on all the doors, put bars on the windows, a fence around the property, and even had cameras and lights installed. While all of these options are a good start, You should consider having a complete security system installed, such as from Tele-Plus. Here are a few options to consider.


To start the security system, you should have and lights that come on when motion is detected. This may be enough to scare off an intruder. However, you should also have all the doors and windows fitted with an alarm device. Any time something is open it sets off an alarm. You can have the whole house wired to a control box so that you can turn the system on and off as needed.

No Monitoring

If you decide to forego the monitoring, make sure that the door and window equipment you have installed will make a loud noise if activated. The noise may scare away intruders and it will also notify someone of the intrusion. If you are home, you will know someone is trying to get into your house. If you are not home, your neighbors will hear it and know to call the police.


Security systems can be connected to your Smart phone. Anytime there is a problem at the house, you will get an alert on your phone. You can even turn the system on and off with your phone. The system can also monitor your smoke and CO2 alarms so you will know if there is a fire or a gas leak in the house. Once you receive the alert, you can contact the police or fire department.

Professional Monitoring

You can have the security company monitor the system. Any time there is a problem at the house in regards to the security. They will be notified if there is a break-in, a fire, or even if someone inside needs an ambulance. The system can be activated with a code, a button, or by voice. As soon as the company notifies the proper authorities, they will also call you to inform you of what is happening.

Keeping your family and home safe is a big responsibility. Consider what might happen and talk with a security company about ways to protect your belongings and the people you love. They will be able to tailor a system to your needs.

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